8 thoughts on “Memoir of a commune stirs hope for a healthier world

  1. There seems to be a pendulum in America that swings from the individual to society and back again. After many years of increasing alienation and individualism, we may be ready for more community now. Perhaps the Boomers will lead the way. Perhaps we will do so through memoir and through a strong connection to the rising generation.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Shirley. Maybe it’s a pendulum, and rather than leading it, we’re along for the ride. I’m good either way. 🙂

  3. This is a profound insight into the need for relationship and support in order to self-actualize. I resonate completely with what you have written about the need for group growth – like the two wings of the dove, the individual and the group grow together and encourage the process of looking for the inner truth- the third eye of the dove!

  4. I definitely think that the pendulum i swinging back again, as evidenced by the popularity and power of on-line social networking. And I like the concept of “the third eye of the dove”. As a product of the 60’s, and a big participant in the encounter groups of the 70’s, I welcome the returning emphasis on group development and insight.
    Nice post, Jerry!

  5. Thanks the comments and support, Nancy and Sunny. I think we’re really due for an awakening of social conscience. Actually one of the pleasures of writing a blog is that it creates a sort of “micro-community” – and your comments offered to other readers help create the community.

  6. Thanks for the flash from the past about communes.

    As a Boomer, I keep wondering if there are other Boomers now facing a serious sense that our generation was a failure in saving the world. Sure that’s a tall order but so many of us really believed it was possible.

    What’s even more fascinating and clearly a Boomer trait is wondering about the metaphysics of the question itself. 🙂

    Thanks again. Great post.

  7. Hi Pardes,

    Metaphysics of “did we fail?” I love it. Regrets are like treating poison by taking more. The antidote is to write about the past, to gain deeper insight into the whole original situation. Then plan to do better. The present is always our best next chance to do it right.


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