Families are an ocean of memoirs

by Jerry Waxler

Families are like the ocean – no matter where your life takes you, eventually all memories, like rivers flow back into the family. So when my sister said she was moving out of her old house, I thought it was a great opportunity to help her go through a transition, and at the same time, take a swim in my family memories. Well, that’s a story I can’t tell yet, because I’m going to help her tomorrow, but I’m sure it will release a story or two.

We’re both interested in the past. For one thing, we’re the only two people left alive who grew up in that row home in northwest Philadelphia. So I was interested when she told me she signed up for a memoir class at the West Laurel Hill Cemetery. What a great idea, having a memory writing class at a cemetery. And it’s the same cemetery where my brother was laid to rest, so the three of us will be together again for the first time in years, sharing memories about life in the family ocean.

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