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Life rolls by, leaving behind memories. By writing them, you can discover not just how you felt when you first went through them, but how they work in the story of your life. Organizing memories into stories can provide creative rewards and insights for years to come.

Memoir writing means different things to different people. Some want to leave a legacy. Others want to make money publishing their work. Some see it as an opportunity for creative expression. Some have found that by sharing their story, they increase their social network and reduce loneliness.

I am passionate about all these motivations, as well as a subtle one that most writers don’t see until they have been traveling the road for a year or two. By writing your story, you can increase your understanding of yourself as a whole person.

I am just as enthusiastic about reading memoirs as I am about writing them. By diving deep into each memoir I read, I expand my world to include the author. I see memoirs as a tool for change, for personal insight, for sharing, for collective compassion and for steering towards the future. Join me on this exploration of memoir reading writing. By learning to write about the past, together we can develop a more interesting future

Here is an index to the essays, book reviews, and interviews on memoir writing:

Here are the self-help books that can help you write your story.

Memoir Revolution shows how you can join the powerful trend to create, connect, and learn. Amazon page for eBook or Paperback.

Learn to Write Your Memoir, a step by step guide to record the stories of your life offers straightforward instructions to translate memories into stories.

How to Become a Heroic Writer is a self-help guide and workbook that will help you actually sit down, start, and continue to write, overcoming the obstacles, and pulling together the self-management strategies that turn the dream into reality.

For more information about me and other self-help and writing insights visit http://www.jerrywaxler.com/

4 thoughts on “About Me and Memory Writers Network

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  2. This site is a wonderful resource. I, too, wrote a book on how to write a memoir. And I just started a new memoir blog at my website. The first post is “Memoir Detective.” In addition, I write clients’ memoirs based on interviews. Am so glad to have discovered your website.

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  4. Just began attending a memoir writing group – have a couple of blogs and keep a journal…looks like a memoir is in the works! Glad to have found your blog.

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