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So many memoir writers visit Memory Writers Network wanting to announce their memoirs. I’ve created this page to give you a chance to do just that. Please add a comment to this page, briefly describing your book and providing a link to it.


Only one comment per book
Keep the synopsis reasonably short. (Maybe 100 words or thereabouts.)
No spam or links to sites other than ones directly related to your memoir.
Office friendly. If the book or site are too sexy, I may not approve the comment.

103 thoughts on “Your Memoir Here

  1. The Gift of Goodbye by Rebecca Munn

    Rebecca Whitehead Munn, mother of two children under the age of five, was going through a divorce when she discovered that her mother, 3,000 miles away, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Over the next three years she would grapple with those two major life changes that left her transformed forever.

    In this powerful memoir, Rebecca shares how this experience led to a heart-opening expansion and encourages readers to believe that they, too, can form new beliefs and connections, as well as elevate their difficult experiences to achieve a higher level of authenticity.

  2. Thanks Morgan. This sounds interesting. I notice that it is only available for preorder and will be published mid-July. Come back and say more when it’s published.


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